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MyCIC: For International Students Wishing to Work in Canada

by Gloria Arze-Bravo

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Launches MyCIC

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made a significant step forward to automating and organizing much of the paperwork international students must do to inquire and apply for off-campus work. Although students have been able to apply in the traditional fashion for a few years, the new e-channel is a great way to help keep relevant information and resources in one easy-to-use website.

The new endeavour - launched June 25, 2008 - is called MyCIC, for which you must sign up to get an account and access the secure services. Note that you are the only one able to access your personal information until such time as is required in your application process, with only the relevant sections being available for processing.

What is MyCIC?

MyCIC is your space on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. You can use MyCIC to apply for an Offâ€'Campus Work Permit, request verification of good standing from your school, and pay online. You can also use MyCIC to update your email address and view your correspondence with CIC.

What is an epass?

An epass is a unique electronic credential that allows you to communicate securely with Online Enabled Government Services. Some of these services require enhanced security measures, as they involve exchanging confidential information over the Internet. An epass provides this enhanced security. An epass Enabled Service is an Online Government Service that uses the enhanced security measures provided by your epass.

Why do I need an epass to access CIC Secure Online Services?

The security and protection of confidential client information is CIC's highest priority when offering services over the internet. In order to achieve this, we have enhanced our procedures for accessing CIC Secure Online Services and have included registering for a Government of Canada epass.

How do I register for an epass?

To access MyCIC for the first time, you will be asked to register for a Government of Canada epass. This one-time registration process is done in three steps and you will be required to provide some personal information. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to access MyCIC by simply logging in and using your epass User ID and Password. Note that, for your first log in, you will be required to provide some personal information to enrol with MyCIC.

Can a representative access CIC Secure Online Services?

At this time, a representative cannot access your account online. Spouses, family members and authorized representatives cannot access the private information of another person.

Do I have to accept the security message?

epass Canada uses a signed applet from Entrust Limited. This applet has been designed to enhance security. When you encounter the security message shown below, click on "Always". Selecting "Always" means you will never encounter this message again. If you select "Yes" instead, you will be prompted to reply to this security message every time you enter this site.

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    gentlezFri, 22 Aug 2014 05:21:43 -0000

    Please i want to work as an excavetor operator and also do my master degree in canada. Am a citizen of Nigeria, pls all i need is to help me to process all the necessary document. Gentle okereke my name and contact phone number 08034325622.

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